New Master's degree programmes at University of Pardubice

Four new Master's degree programmes have been acreditated at University of Pardubice. All of them will be teaching in Englis language and will be starting in academic year 2023/2024.  All of our Master's study programmes at University Pardubice you will find at

Materials Chemistry

Students in new and only Master's degree programme Materials Chemistry at Faculty of Chemical technology will gain comprehensive theoretical background as well as technological knowledge and practical laboratory experience. The theoretical background related to materials research is based on physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, solid state physics and solid-state chemistry. The study includes a broad range of characterisation methods related to materials production, research and development, both theoretically and practically. Students will become familiar with inorganic as well as organic materials and technology, including the manufacturing and processing of different types of modern materials, their applications, analysis, testing, characterisation and use. More information about application, tuition you will find here.

Guarantor of study programme Materials Chemistry is​ doc. RNDr. Petr Janíček, Ph.D.


Rail Vehicles

The Master’s  study programme „Rail Vehicles“ in English language is based on long-term experience with Czech study programmes on railway technology. The students are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or similar. The two-year study programme builds on previous general technical education and aims to provide the students with complex knowledge of design, manufacturing, testing, operation and maintenance of rail vehicles.

The study programme includes background courses such as mechanics, electronics and strength of materials. These are followed by courses on rail-related topics and specific technical skills in four main streams – mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, rail technology and rail theory. Diploma theses and projects often deal with practical problems and are assigned and solved in cooperation with our industrial partners. Students can be involved in research activities of the faculty. More information about application you will find here.

Guarantor of study programme Rail Vehicles is​ doc. Ing. Michael Lata, PhD.


Transport Operations Management

Master study programme “Transport Operations Management” in the English language is based on long-term experience with Czech study programmes on transport technology, management and logistics. This programme is designed to provide students with interdisciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. The students are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in transport, logistic or similar, in the Czech Republic or abroad.

The two-year study programme extends previous bachelor education and provides students with complex knowledge of planning, optimization, pricing, sustainability and IT support in field of transportation and logistics. Courses such as transport theory, computer intelligence and optimization methods in transport are followed by specialized courses in field such as sustainable transport, regulation of transport and postal services, logistics management, intermodal transport, IT support for transport planning or public passenger transport. Emphasis is also placed on the environmental and social impacts of transport and logistics processes. The mentioned courses in combination with cooperation with experts from practice guarantees a wide range of knowledge of graduates in the field of transport. More information about application you will find here


Ethics and Political Philosophy

This two-year, tuition-free Master of Arts (MA) programme, taught in English, is conducted in cooperation with the Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value, an internationally renowned research centre. The programme offers full specialisation in the two main domains of practical philosophy: ethics and political philosophy. It is ideally, but not exclusively, suited for students with a BA degree in general philosophy. The study plan uniquely combines historical and systematic approaches with a strong emphasis on contemporary and pressing issues.

One of teachers at this study programme is Dr. Antony Fredriksson

The problem-oriented interactive teaching encourages students to think independently and critically about phenomena that are highly relevant both within and outside academia, such as issues of marginalisation and exclusion, animal rights, nature of democracy and climate crisis. The study has a strong research orientation: Our students receive systematic training both in academic writing skills and in critical philosophical thinking to write an original MA thesis in one of the programme domains. The best graduates will be prepared to apply for PhD study at leading academic institutions or to join our vibrant multinational PhD community. Click here for more detailed information about the study plan, application etc. 



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