Application procedure for the academic year 2022/2023

We kindly ask you to go through the following steps.


Make sure that your coordinator has successfully submitted your nomination. Without the official nomination by your sending institution we will not be able to continue your application process.

2. Online APPLICATION FORM – student account in the Portal system

First of all you have to open your student account in our Portal system. Please use your current personel or student email to get the access into your account here. The filling of the application form might be a little bit tricky, that´s why we provide you with some basic tips:

  • Be sure, there is “Exchange Students” in the grey field.
  • Click on the button "Add new student" and fill in your personel or student email that you use. You will receive an email with the access into your account.


  • Fill in the first bookmark called “Personal data”. Fields with stars (*) are obligatory.
  • After saving your Personal data you get into the bookmark called “Incoming study visit” .
  • For “Funding” choose the Erasmus+ Programme.
  • Accommodation at the dorms: in case you ask for accommodation you will automatically get information how to make a reservation by email after your Learning Agreement will be approved. Please don´t get in contact with dorms earlier, it is worthlessJ
  • Visa students: Fill in the field “Appropriate office that issues Czech visa abroad” – Embassy you are going to apply for visa (city/town).
  • Please do not forget to fill in the “Mobility coordinator” of your home university as well as his/her “E-mail contact”.
  • After saving the data in the bookmark “Incoming study visit” get to the bookmark called “Courses” .
  • Choose the “Faculty” you are going to study at and choose courses you want to study here (the same courses must be indicated also in your Learning Agreement – see later).
  • Add required attachments (see below).
  • Log out when you finish.

In case of any technical problems do not hesitate to contact our IT department ( )

3. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to be attached in the part "Attachments" (bottom right sight of your Portal account)


A- Learning Agreement (LA)

  • Fill in and print out the Learning Agreement for Studies from the file Forms.
  • Forms filled in by hand won´t be accepted.
  • Students coming for traineeship will print out Learning Agreement for Traineeships.
  • Sign the document and get it approved by your home departmental or institutional coordinator.
  • List of courses for exchange students
  • You can also choose 1-2 subjects from a different faculty or our Language center – just discuss it with your faculty coordinator.
  • Please check with the host faculty coordinator your choice of courses. The list of our faculty coordinators you can see here bellow.
  • Insert the LA as attachment of your Portal account
  • Make sure that you made a well readable scanned copy of the document
  • Use „Learning Agreement“ for title of the uploaded file!!!


You can also choose 1-2 subjects from a different faculty or our Language center – just discuss it with your faculty coordinator. It is highly recommended to check your choice of courses with the host faculty coordinator. The list of our faculty coordinators is here bellow.


Name of coordinator


Faculty of Economics and Administration        

Ms   Jana Pekařová

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy       

Ms   Michaela Fišerová 

Faculty of Transport Engineering   

Mr   Jiří Pašek

Faculty of Chemical Technology                 

Ms   Jana Marková  

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 

Ms   Olga Mitchell 

Faculty of Health Studies          

Ms   Drahomíra Ciberová

Faculty of Restoration

Ms   Jana Tmejová

Please note that you will be asked to provide us with the following attachments later on:

1 – Certificate of your English language competence

  • Upload the certificate issued by the University language department of your home institution or any other international certificate as attachment of your Portal account.
  • At least B2 English Proficiency Level is required
  • Use „English certificate“  for title of the uploaded file!!!

2 – Passport photography

  • Upload your photo – it will be used for the student ID card
  • Use „Photo“ for title of the the uploaded file!!!
  • Ideal photo: colorful face photo in the passport format
  • If you don´t upload your photo into your account, we won´t be able to make your student ID card that is necessary to get online in the campus, to get the food in the uni canteen etc…

Please do not sent us any documents by email. All 3 required files

  • Learning Agreement.docx;
  • English Certificate.pdf;
  • Photo.jpg

have to be uploaded in the attachment of your Portal account no later than:

Winter semester
10. 5. 2022 (visa students and students of the Faculty of Health Studies)
30. 6. 2022 (EU students)

Summer semester
10. 10. 2022 (visa students and students of the Faculty of Health Studies)
30. 11. 2022 (EU students)

In case your faculty has set up its own supplementary requirements within the application procedure (for ex. Skype meeting, supplementary language examination etc…) you will be informed about it by the faculty coordinator.

Our International office will issue the Acceptance letter after your LA will be duly approved and will upload it into your Portal account. You will get a note about that by email.

Before your arrival we will send you another information email indicating more details about the Orientation week, ESN Pardubice (Buddy system), leisure time activities etc.


In case you are obliged to apply for visa to enter to the Czech Republic, we recommend you to get information concerning the concrete requirements directly at the Czech Embassy/Consulate in your home country. Please note that the resolution visa procedure takes 60 days, so make sure you arrange your appointment at the Embassy on time, otherwise you will not manage to start the semester on time or your visa will be declined!!!

After submitting your application as well as all required documents, our International office will send you the required documents for your visa application:

  1. Confirmation of Acceptance (Potvrzení o přijetí ke studiu – in Czech) - issued by the International office
  2. Accommodation Agreement (Smlouva o smlouvě budoucí – in Czech; English version just for information is here) - issued by the Dormitory office
  • to be able to issue this document we need you to pay the deposit for accommodation at the dormitories as soon as possible,
  • you will get all necessary information concerning the bank account data by email from the dormitory officer,
  • for further enquiries regarding accommodation do not hesitate to contact


The above mentioned documents will be sent to the International office of your home university by regular post that´s why it is important to give correct information about the postal address of your uni. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee the delivery of the parcel by regular post. You can also order express delivery service to pick up the parcel in our office. This service will be at your expenses.

As the official visa procedure takes 60 days, we recommend you to upload all required documents into the Portal account as soon as possible to get the visa documents on time. You are also asked to arrange your appointment at the Embassy as soon as possible (July is recommended for winter semester; November/summer semester).

You can get more information about visa application procedure at the Czech Embassy or consulate in your home country or consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.



After getting your LA approved by the faculty coordinator, you will receive an automatic email with all necessary information regarding your accommodation booking in the University dormitories. More information concerning accommodation you can find on the web site of the University Accommodation and Catering Service.



Academic calendar for academic year 2022/2023.