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The Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer (CTKT) is an overarching workplace, which, in part with the University of Pardubice, supports and develops the transfer of knowledge and technology in practice and actively seeks opportunities to work together with businesses.

CTKT Activities

Commercialization of science and research results

Administration of intellectual property

Support of the proof-of-concept activities

Education in the field of transferring technology

We are members of the national platform, which protects the interests of the Czech transfer community with the aim to promote and develop activities in the field of technology and knowledge transfer. 

What others say about us

Thanks to our cooperation with the Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer of the University of Pardubice, we are still in the game for the world's leading prostaglandin API producer.
Cayman Pharma s.r.o.
PharmDr. Jan Pavlík, Ph.D.
Thanks to the open and very friendly cooperation of Doc. Tomáš Weidlich and his team, we were able to realize several research and commercially focused projects, during which we were able to overturn the patented results and other know-how from the form of basic research into the form of practical application and its use within the commercial sphere. And simultaneously, several other published results and themes for other research-application activities came to life. We believe that we will continue in the future with our mutual cooperation with the University of Pardubice and thanks to CTKT we will be able to further convey the results of our basic research into the form of practical application with a high degree of innovation for commercial use.
GEOtest, a.s.
Ing. Petr Lacina, Ph.D.
Doctor Jan Macák and his team are always open to new challenges and they strive to primarily focus on the development of projects with commercial potential, which corresponds perfectly with our philosophy. Thanks to the speed, flexibility and capability of the University of Pardubice's CTKT and CEMNAT team members, we were successful in implementing an array of interesting projects leading to the development of products that will help to improve all of our lives in the future.
PARDAM, s.r.o.