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Doctoral School at the University of Pardubice

The second year of the Doctoral School will take place at the beginning of the winter semester 2024/2025 in the week from 30 September 2024 to 3 October 2024.

After completing at least three specialized moduls, the student will receive a certificate of completion of the University Doctoral School. 

under construction

under construction

Development of pedagogical and presentation skills

Do you have a class coming up and would you like to prepare as well as possible? Wondering how to use evidence-based approaches in education and examples of good practice? Or have you already started teaching and would like to improve your teaching? Do you want to learn how to transfer your expertise and skills to your students in the most effective way? How to boost your confidence as a teacher? How to motivate your students? What is really important in your work of university teacher? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, then feel free to attend this session.

It aims to offer a basic insight into didactics, regardless of your field of study. We will focus mainly on practically applicable information, methods and activities, and will not lecture about educational theories. You will learn how to better plan, conduct and reflect on your lessons and engage your students more and more effectively - whether you are doing a one-off seminar or a semester-long course. Needless to add that not only you, but also your students will appreciate it.

Speaker: Michal Urban (Charles University)

Open Science

The principles of open science are gradually becoming an integral part of scientific work, either because of intrinsic motivation or because of the demands of research funders. In this talk you will learn why you should be interested in open science and what all falls under this broad umbrella. In particular, we will take a closer look at open access to scientific publications, why open science also includes research data management, what data management plans are and how to create them, and last but not least, we will look at the benefits and pitfalls of open science.

Speakers: Mgr. Žaneta Procházková, Mgr. Dagmar Hanzlíková (Charles University)

Publication Strategies and Supporting IT Tools in Science

The content of this module represents an essential element for students and researchers across various fields who aim to successfully establish themselves and communicate their scientific findings. The objective is to provide participants with a comprehensive insight into modern publishing strategies while acquainting them with key IT tools that enable the effective creation, presentation, and dissemination of scientific results. The module content includes an introduction to editorial systems, advanced word processors, citation and reference management, and more.

Speaker: prof. Ing. Petr Doležel, Ph.D. (UPCE)

Project Management and Grant Programmes Supporting International Cooperation

The first part of the workshop will be focused on introduction of grant programmes supporting international cooperation in research, innovation and education. It will include information about relevant calls, their rules and conditions. The second part will be focused on main aspects and strategies how to prepare a competitive project proposal and on the management of successful projects.

Speaker: Ing. Monika Vejchodová (UPCE)

Contact person: 

Ing. Ivana Mlatečková

466 036 523