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The University is renowed for its numerous scientific and research activities, which have contributed to an excellent national and international reputation.

Significant publications by the University’s academic staff in national and international impacted journals represent a tangible indication of its R&D results. About one hundred scientific papers have been published on an annual basis. Further, the University of Pardubice ranks among the six most frequently quoted higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. According to the Essential Science Indicators-ISI Thomson for the period 1994 to 2004 the University was ranked 100th in the world among all world scientific and research institutions in the category of Engineering.

The increasing integration of research interests is a characteristic feature of research activities on both the domestic and international scene. To assess such cooperation, it is possible to use the proportion of the institutions in joint papers published in impacted professional journals. Based on this criterion, the most significant domestic partner of the University of Pardubice is the aforementioned Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (22 %), followed by Charles University (12 %) and various industrial companies such as the Research Institute of Organic Synthesis, Inc. Explosia, Inc. and Synpo, Inc. The most significant foreign partners of the University are EU institutions (22 %), Japan (4 %) and those from the USA and Canada (7 %).