The University maintains active relations with public and professional communities at national level, as well as internationally.  

The University of Pardubice, its faculties and departments cooperate with numerous organisations, institutions and businesses, both within the region, nationally or internationally, and on a different basis in the field of education and research, though joint laboratories, contracting work, participating in several of them directly.

University departments participate in numerous international projects. Within the scope of contracts concluded with foreign partners, and apart from these, international cooperation is maintained with over two hundred universities and research institutions in 40 countries, which include student and staff exchange programmes. Prestigious international sessions, workshops, conferences, and seminars are organised.  

Since 2002, the University has been a member of EUA – the European University Association, as well as of numerous other international and professional organisations that unite universities.


The University is becoming an active part of the European and world higher education and research area.