With External Institutions

The University of Pardubice cooperates with numerous organizations and businesses, both within the region and nationally, participating in several of them directly.

The University takes part in activities organized by the Institute of European Regions Development, o.p.s. of Pardubice established in 2002 in cooperation with the University of Pardubice and the Statutory City of Pardubice, and the Jan Perner Institute, o.p.s. to provide the public with general transport and communications services, making use of wide international cooperation.

Through the Faculty of Economics and Administration, the University participates in OMNIPACK; a cluster of packaging material producers, an association based in Jaroměř. Through the Faculty of Transport, the University is involved in the activities of the Railway Infrastructure Interoperability Association; an interest group of legal entities.

The Regional Information and Contact Centre of Pardubice (RIKoC) has been extending their activities within the University premises, developing EU framework programmes in cooperation with VÚOS a.s. Pardubice – Rybitví (the Research Institute of Organic Syntheses).

The University and its faculties have been working jointly with numerous institutions and companies on various levels and in different fields within joint laboratories, as additional activities or in the form of contracted work, and donations along with other forms of cooperation.