Study at the University of Pardubice

We prepare specialists for successful careers in a wide variety of professions.

Bachelor’s (Bc., BcA.), follow-up Master’s (Mgr., MgA., or Ing.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programmes are offered in the following fields, including inter-disciplinary programmes:

  • natural and technical sciences focused on chemistry, chemical technology, biotechnology and biochemistry, informatics, electrical engineering, transport and communication technologies and material engineering

  • social sciences (focused on economics and administration, sociology) and humanities (philology, history, philosophy and sociology)

  • health sciences

  • arts in the field of historical preservation, art restoration, conservation techniques and technologies.

Educational activities are carried out in more than 60 study programmes with more than 130 study specialisations designed to reflect the outcomes of the Bologna Declaration and modern trends in higher education.

The University of Pardubice has almost 8,000 students.

Most Bachelor’s study programmes offer follow-up Master’s programmes.

The most successful graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies at six faculties in several Doctoral degree programmes.

Undergraduate studies account for 74% and postgraduate studies (Master's and Doctoral) for 26% of all studies.

Full-time students represent over two thirds of the overall number

We offer continuing lifelong learning courses.

Student and teachers can participate in international exchange programmes.