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The University of Pardubice has a centralised campus with a few off-campus buildings nearby. Students walk and ride their bikes between dorms and classes. Those living off-campus ride their bikes or take city buses to class.


If you like cyclying, you'll love Pardubice! The city is flat and bike-friendly with a network of cycling paths. Biking is the fastest way to get around the city.


The city has an exceptional public bus service. Buses go frequently and reach all points in the city. Several buses stop at, or just next to, the University campus. These bus stop names are "Polabiny, Hradecká" (buses 3, 7, 17, 33) and "Univerzita" (buses 10, 16).

Pardubice city bus schedules are online at
Buy a bus ticket from the driver when you get onto the bus, or buy them in advance from most convience shops. Rechargable bus passes are available at