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Mission of the University

The University of Pardubice is an internationally respected multidisciplinary centre of education, science and research. Its general mission is to link high-quality education with science. Through creative human potential, it strives for the general development of education, increasing the quality of life and prosperity of society.

Vision of the University of Pardubice is to:

  • be an internationally respected centre of education and scientific research and creative activities,
  • build on clearly defined high-standard and excellent areas of educational and scientific research,
  • be a multidisciplinary university,
  • be a modern, open, socially responsible, educational institution with significant research and innovation potential, demonstrating activity and competitiveness on a national and international scale,
  • be rich in diversity and quality of natural, technical, economic, humanities, social, medical and artistic sciences,
  • fulfil the third role of universities as an educational centre for lifelong learning for professional and general public with an emphasis on the challenges of sustainable development of the whole society,
  • be an internally consolidated, stable and financially sound institution, a unified internal culture, shared values and traditions,
  • be a strong partner in the sustainable development of the Pardubice Region, the Czech Republic and the international area.

Shared Values of the Academic Community of the University of Pardubice

  • democratic and moral principles, academic freedom,
  • respect for individuals, society, the environment, material, cultural and ethical values,
  • creative, critical and independent thinking and free expression thereof,
  • unity in education, science, research, development and innovation,
  • openness and diversity for creative results,
  • diversity of faculties and the unity of the University in its entirety,
  • partnerships and cooperation regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture and religion,
  • high-standard academic education and support to talents for excellence,
  • integral, highly ethical development and self-improvement of individuals,
  • innovation and sustainability of solutions to national and global challenges,
  • open communication inside and outside the institution,
  • quality, prosperity and social responsibility.