Application procedure (for exchange students)

Becoming a University of Pardubice exchange student is easy. The process is:

  1. fill out the online application
  2. send us documents
  3. get health insurance
  4. get a student visa

Each step is explained below.



Email the following documents to before the application deadline (see below).

All forms must be filled out in English, preferably filled out on a computer, and not hand-written.

1. Nomination Letter

A 'Nomination Letter' is a document issued by your institution's Erasmus coordinator. The letter must contain the following: name, gender, field of study at your home institution, your email address.


2. Application Form

The application is at

If you have trouble with the form, please contact us.

Note for students requiring a visa: Fill in your home University's mailing address as a delivery address

Note: For Funding choose the Erasmus Programme. Please do not forget to fill in the Mobility coordinator at your university as well as his/her e-mail contact.

Choose the faculty you are going to study at and choose the courses you want to study. These should be the same courses listed in your Learning Agreement.

To complete the section about courses, see the list of courses for Erasmus+ students.


3. Learning Agreement

Fill out the Learning Agreement and have it approved by both your home department and Erasmus coordinator.

Students enrolling in a traineeship should fill out the Learning Agreement for Traineeships.


4. Application for Student ID card

The application is available at, Application for student ID card.

5. Copy of your passport

6. Proof of your English language competence

This should be a a certificate issued by either your university's language department or an equivalent organization. We require at minimum proficiency of B1.


Application deadlines


Application deadline for winter semester 2018/19

May 10, 2018 (students who need to apply for a visa)

June 30, 2018 (students from the EU)


Application deadline for summer semester 2018/19

October 10, 2018 (students who need to apply for a visa) and

November 30, 2018 (other EU students)

Acceptance Letter

Our International Mobility Centre will confirm your learning agreement and send it back with a Letter of Acceptance, an Accommodation Voucher as well as all necessary documents in case you apply for a visa (Confirmation of accommodation, Confirmation of study - both in Czech language).

Confirmation of Accommodation

Pay a deposit at the Halls of Residence and we will send you a 'confirmation of accommodation' letter.

Student Visas

Consult your country's Czech embassy, or consulate, to obtain a Long Term Visa for study in the Czech Republic. EU residents do not need a student visa.

In addition to a student visa, you will need health insurance to enter the Czech Republic.

Health Insurance

We do not define a unique format of insurance nor recommend specific insurance company, this is left up to your sending organisation/institution. However, we strongly advise that you have medical and travel insurance for the duration of your time abroad, including travel to and from the Czech republic. If you go to any EU country, you should get a European Health Insurance Card.