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Here are some experiences from exchange students who were studying in Pardubice.

Student from Taiwan

I like Pardubice. It's small but quiet and nice.

There are lots of supermarkets around university, and that's very convenient to live here. We don't have to worry about where to buy food or something, because there are many shops right here for us.

Also, Pardubice is the city that crazy for ice hockey. I had watched the game twice in Arena, and it was extremely exciting. I really love it.

There is a café called Bajer café in center, and the Medovnik cake there is really nice. It's a big cake with cream, not too sweet, and very delicious. I think I will miss the cake a lot after I leave here.

It's a pity that there are not so many people speak English here. Sometimes it's really difficult to communicate with each other, such as in banks, restaurants, or in hair salons. But now, I am learning some Czech language, so I can start trying to use some basic vocabularies to understand others. Sometimes it didn't work very well, but at least I tried.

Generally, it's a very nice experience to study and stay here for one year. Thanks for all the administrative staffs and teachers here. I have a great time here, thanks.

Student from Greece

I really gained a lot of experience here!! I liked the cold weather here, your fresh air and I really enjoyed the walks around the old city and the parks!

The Czech people are not so polite as I expected but on the other hand I realized that it is not the matter being polite or impolite, it is just the Czech way of speaking and your culture so I respect it!

I was really shocked by they way you are having fun! Old music (at least 10 years back) and a lot of alcohol so as to have fun! Really unusual for a Greek, but the thing is that I really enjoyed it, I drunk with you your excellent, very cheap beer and I had lots of fun!

My Erasmus time here was a great experience and it will certainly be unforgettable!! I thank all of you for everything, hope to meet again one day..:-)!!

Student from Romania

Positive experiences:

being picked from the airport by my buddy, having people that were always explaining to me how to use the menza card, library, where to shop(my buddy), trips organized by the university to different cities, museums, the prices for everything in this country, social events organized by the Socrates coordinator from the Economic, the accommodation.

The attitude of the people in the university

Negative experiences:

personally, I had no negative experiences…I loved every moment of being there :-)