Health Insurance

Our University offers help with health insurance for your stay in the Czech Republic.

1 year health insurance at PVZP
It covers:

  • Basic insurance (Comprehensive medical services in the Czech Republic, Repatriation, Transportation of the remains) and
  • Elective insurance (Insurance of medical expenses in the Schengen area, Insurance of daily benefit during hospitalisation, Civil liability insurance and Accident insurance).

Our prices in October 2021:
For students younger than 30 years old :

  • PLUS (see details):
    17500 CZK/year
  • EXCLUSIVE (see details):
    16 110 CZK/year - Insurance benefit limit is 2 500 000 CZK
    22 500 CZK/year - Insurance benefit limit is 4 500 000 CZK

For students older than 30 years old:

Both options include so called Bonus that covers for example vaccination, glasses, dental hygiene, etc.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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