PhD position in Adsorption and Catalysis on Porous Materials

15. 10. 2017

Two PhD positions are available in the Adsorption and Catalysis group led by Prof. Roman Bulánek at University of Pardubice, Pardubice, Czech Republic ( The Adsorption and Catalysis group is part of the Project of Excellence Intelligent Design of Nanoporous Adsorbents and Catalysts (InDeNAC) ( focused on study of synthesis and application of layered two-dimensional, hierarchical and new „unfeasible“ zeolites and other molecular frameworks.


Position in Adsorption research:


The successful candidate will be involved in characterization and textural properties of microporous and hierarchical materials, study of very precise measurement of infrared spectra of adsorption complexes and adsorption isotherms coupled with low-temperature microcalorimetric measurements of small probe molecules (N2, CO, CO2, CH4) and industrially important light hydrocarbons. The effects of pore size and shape will be investigated and adsorption behaviour of materials in gas adsorptive separation will be evaluated. The work will involve close collaboration with other groups especially with theoretical group of prof. Nachtigall and Dr. Bludský at Charles University in Prague and prof. Čejka group at Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry in Prague.


Position in Catalysis research:

The successful candidate will be involved in synthesis of advanced catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation reactions (involving ODH reaction of C2-C4 alkanes to olefins and alcohols to aldehydes) based on supported transition metal surface species, their characterization by multispectroscopical approach and catalytic testing in mentioned reaction in order to obtain detailed information about active species nature and their role in the reactions.  The work will involve close cooperation with the group of Dr. Kubicka from University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, prof. Čejka group at Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry in Prague and others.


The successful candidate must have master’s degree in the field chemistry (preferably physical, inorganic or industrial chemistry). The candidate must have a high motivation for research, show ability to communicate in English, and enjoy working in an international and cross-disciplinary team. The standard duration of full-length study is 4 years. Typical scholarship at the University of Pardubice is 500 €/month for PhD students. Full social benefits are included.


The call is open and the position can be filled as soon as a proper candidate is found – the starting date should be September/October 2017, but is fairly flexible. The deadline for the applications is April 30th 2017.

Application (in English) should consist of

• Application form
• Application letter
• Scientific CV
• Recommendation letter and contact details of at least three academic staffs/referees
• copies of diplomas and evidence of formal qualifications

Please, send this Application form with the relevant additional documents to the following address:

University of Pardubice

Faculty of Chemical Technology

Studentská 573

532 10 Pardubice

Czech Republic

Inquiries can be sent to but please apply through the link at the bottom of this page.

University of Pardubice values diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity

Research Fields

Chemistry - Physical Chemistry
Material Chemistry