University of Pardubice: an international destination

12. 11. 2018
international students

This academic year, several hundred foreign students from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America came to the University and its seven faculties. "In the winter semester, there are almost 600 international students from 72 countries worldwide studying at our university," says Mgr. Věra Albrechtová of the International Mobility Centre, University of Pardubice. So there are several foreign languages that can be heard on the campus.

At the beginning of the winter semester, 566 foreigners were enrolled at the University. This number also includes short-term mobilities, i.e. one-semester study or a minor part thereof. Foreign students account for less than 8% of the total number of this year's students.

Number of this year's international students

More than 150 students from all over the world have decided to spend one semester in Pardubice, attending the winter semester courses on the basis of the Erasmus+ European exchange programme. Once again, the majority of students came from Turkey and Spain this year. Traditionally, most study at the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

In addition, more than 400 foreign students from 57 countries around the world this year study in comprehensive accredited programmes at faculties of the University of Pardubice, i.e. for two or three years. Naturally, Slovakia is the best represented (less than 1/3). Another large group comprises students from Ukraine, Russia, Ghana, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India and Syria.

"The share of international students does not change significantly, but in the last three years, especially the number of Erasmus students has been increasing, which is certainly a good advert for the University. But we would love to see more Czech students finding courage to go abroad, because they, too, contribute to the internationalization of the academic environment and life at the University once they return," says Věra Albrechtová encouraging students to study in a foreign country.

Subjects popular among students

More than twenty students from Ghana are studying at the Faculty of Economics and Administration. Popular fields are the managerial and economic ones, such as Regional and Information Management, Economic Governance and Policy or Regional Development. At the Faculty of Transport Engineering, the most sought-after fields of study are those focused on means of transport and infrastructure. The Faculties of Arts and Philosophy, Chemistry, Technology and Electrical Engineering and Informatics also host students from India, Egypt, Brazil, Syria, China, Chile, Canada and Nigeria. It should be noted that the popularity of the fields is related to the possibility to study in English.

Satisfaction with the campus and costs

Students who come to Pardubice appreciate high-quality study programmes, and they are also satisfied with the study environment and the modern campus. They also appreciate the excellent transport accessibility, reasonable study costs, and a range of leisure activities to choose from. Right upon arrival, students are taken care of by Czech students from the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Pardubice, in the students-for-students spirit. Foreign ‘newcomers’ could therefore take part in a number of activities already in the so-called Orientation Week.

"Our students from ESN Pardubice had prepared a brand-new City Tour where foreigners got to know the City of Pardubice through the tasks," says Mgr. Andrea Pilařová of the International Mobility Centre, the University of Pardubice. She highlights other aspects of Orientation Week designed for foreign students: "Other popular activities include The Pub Tour or bowling. The introductory get-to-know-you programme culminated in the Sports Day at the University Gymnasium and the announcement of the successful teams."

Czech language course and excursions around the country

From Monday to Friday, Czech language courses are also offered to foreign students so that life in Pardubice is not so difficult for them. More than 70 participants wanted to learn at least a few important phrases of the famously difficult Czech language.

"During the semester, foreign students can also look forward to other activities prepared by ESN Pardubice. These include, for example, six national evenings where students present their nations. In addition to talking and doing presentations about the country, everyone has the opportunity to taste typical national dishes from the various countries. National evenings kicked off at the beginning of October with the Czech Evening. One weekend, the Erasmus students took a trip to Adrspach-Teplice Rocks to explore the beauties of Czech nature," added Andrea Pilařová of the International Mobility Centre of the University of Pardubice.

In addition, foreign students can go for excursions on weekends to Kutná Hora, Prague, Sněžka, Šumava or Karlovy Vary. They can engage in sports events there, such as paintball. Czech students celebrate, for example, Halloween, Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas with them too.

Destinations of Czech students

In the winter semester, the University of Pardubice sends more than ninety of its students abroad to acquire international experience. They mostly leave for one semester for Portugal, Finland and Germany. In this academic year, the University of Pardubice has concluded 375 bilateral contracts with various universities in Europe, where these international student mobilities are realized, so Czech students have a range of destinations to choose from.


Bc. Věra Přibylová
Department of Promotion and External Relations University of Pardubice