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Mentoring - introductory workshop

Are you a young scientist, a student, doctoral student or a postdoc? Do you need help with launching your scientific career and are you not sure how to get it? USE THE OPPORTUNITY OF BEING MENTORED BY MORE EXPERIENCED MENTORS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PARDUBICE! How can you join t…

Science and Technology Fair

After a two-year break, the Science and Technology Fair of the University of Pardubice returns to Pernštýnské Square in the centre of our town. At this event, students and employees of the University of Pardubice will present interesting things from their work and introduce their fields of…

Czech Academic Games

The Czech Academic Games are the largest student sports competition in the Czech Republic. Students from all corners of the country will come here to compete. This Jubilee (20th) year will be held for the very first time in South Bohemia. The competition for the title of Czech A…

Pardubice Art Market

Do you like sketching or are you simply a fan of art? Visit the very first exhibition and sale of digital art in Pardubice on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June! The event is organized by students of the University of Pardubice within the project Whoop it Up. This project supports student…

Grand Opening of Gallery UPCE

Grand opening of the expanded and renovated GU University Art Gallery. On Thursday, May 12 at 5.30 pm we will open the exhibition of Czech artist Petr Malina. Painter Petr Malina was born in 1976 in Prague, where he now lives. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, the…