General arrangements for the recognition of prior learning (formal, informal and non-formal)

Application for recognition of university education and qualification

1.      An application for the recognition of university education and qualification (hereinafter “the Application”) shall be submitted in writing by a foreign university graduate or by a person having studied at a foreign university (hereinafter “the Applicant”) to the Department of Research and Education.  The Application is enclosed in Appendix N.1 to the Directive.

2.      The application should contain the following documents:

a)      an original or a certified copy of a Diploma, Certificate or an equivalent hereof, issued by a foreign university,

b)      an original or a certified copy of a Diploma Supplement, or the list of successfully completed courses including their scope (in hours or ECTS credits) and original grades achieved at exams, certified by a foreign university. 

3.      The Applicant shall submit a certified translation of the documents into the Czech language.

On September 1, 2016 came into force the Law no. 137/2016 Coll., amending and supplementing the Law on Higher Education, which requires the applicant pay a fee of CZK 3000.

The fee can be paid by bank transfer or cash at the university cashier.
Account number. 37030561/0100
Variable symbol: 92020

Message for the recipient must include the applicant's name.