This section provides you with useful information, materials or sources in case you would like to:

  • smoothly travel to the University of Pardubice; to settle in the City and in the country and become more familiar with life in the Czech Republic or
  • share some data/advice (e.g. about cultural events…) or
  • buy/sell something (e.g. second-hand bike….) or
  • look for assistance or
  • simply meet people

1) Check lists

Planning your relocation to Pardubice requires you to take care of a lot of things. Here are some check lists for the most common situations to help you keep track of all of them.

Non-EU citizens - PhD

Non-EU citizens - Researcher and/or employee

EU citizens - PhD

EU citizens - Researcher and/or employee

2) University of Pardubice Guidebook

Moving to another country for work and study might be a new and challenging experience, but it will also be an exciting chapter in your life. This guidebook is intended to help you to smoothly travel to the University of Pardubice; it will help you to settle in the City and become more familiar with life in the Czech Republic.

We decided to create a PDF version, so you can take it with you wherever.

3) University of Pardubice Intranet

University of Pardubice has its own network, accessible only to its students and employees.

You can find useful information about events, conferences in sections „news“ and „events“ on the „Student intranet“ and „Employee intranet“.

When the Office of International Affairs and Development organizes cultural events (guided tours, boat trips, etc.) or if they learn about some interesting  conferences, festivals…), they publish  it on Intranet and/or notify you directly via e-mail, should they have your contact address. (If you do not want to miss it, make sure they have your e-mail address.)

In return, if you know something and would like to share it with other foreign PhD students, post doctoral researchers or employees, you are welcome to share such information with the Office of International Affairs and Development. They will be delighted to disseminate and publish the information on the  Intranet.

In any case, feel free to contact Caroline Novák-Jolly:

4) University of Pardubice facebook groups

International Students and Employees at the University of Pardubice
A closed group to get you in touch with other colleagues.

The following are in Czech but the comments can be automatically translated.

Closed group where anyone shares anything connected to the university in any way.

UPce Burza
Closed group serving as a marketplace.

Univerzita Pardubice
Public group where anyone can share anything with respect to group rules.

International office group


5) Websites
The following website is a gold mine of information from and for expats. Cultural events, job, language courses... (mostly in Prague) are advertized every day. There is even a chat where you can ask for information or help.
Online portal to meet other expats in the Czech Republic. It is a good place to meet people from all walks of life who are expatriated in the country.

Euraxess in the Czech Republic
The portal provides information and assistance to PhD students and researchers who come to work in the Czech Republic or move to work in another European country. It contains practical advice concerning professional and daily life, as well as information on job and funding opportunities.

6) Other sources

Two following videos provide foreigners with basic information about life in the Czech Republic.

Caroline Novak-Jolly

Department of International Affairs and Developement