Accommodation and Catering

University of Pardubice Residence Halls

Erasmus students are automatically provided with accommodation in a double room. There are two types of double room:

  • STUDIO (with toilet, bathroom and kitchen with fridge)
  • CLASSIC (toilet, bathroom and kitchen are shared on the corridor)

Rooms are fully furnished; sheets and bedding are also provided.

Each accommodated student is provided with a fixed internet connection.

  • In order to make the reservation and guarantee accommodation, the student must pay a deposit is of 230 EUR.

The deposit must be paid before taking up the accommodation (payment date will be specified by the coordinator).

In case the deposit is not paid by the specified payment date, the reservation is cancelled.

Contact person:
Mrs. Petra Macháňová
Accommodation centre, block B
+420 466 036 624

The University campus includes Mensa, the university dining hall, which on weekdays offers food at reasonable prices.

  • Mensa hours:
    Monday to Thursday 10:30 - 16:00
    Friday 10:30 - 13:30
  • Food is paid for using the student ID – a chip-card. To be able to use Mensa services, students must provide sufficient credit on their card in advance.