Intercultural event „Work with Czech“ (20.11.2019)

The International Office, in cooperation with the Language Centre, is offering a 2nd edition of the intercultural event for its international employees and PhD students. The main topic will be Czech culture, and how to navigate it as a non-Czech person. We would like to look at attitudes, values, activities etc. that would be considered „typically Czech“, as well as what is considered to be polite behaviour in the Czech Republic and what is expected  of people in certain situations. We will look at possible sources of misunderstanding, frustration or even conflict, or just interesting differences between life in the Czech Republic and outside it.

Through talking about cultural differences, we hope this seminar will contribute to increased cultural awareness in order to bridge any cultural gaps and improve communication.

The seminar will be called „Work with Czech“ and will take place on 20 November from 4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m at the Language Centre (room DB  01002).

Two lecturers (one Czech and one non-Czech) from the Language Centre are involved in this project:

 Zaan Bester has lectured in the fields of Academic Writing, English for Specific Purposes, and Academic  Literacy Testing for the past 18 years. Her Master’s Degree focused on the understanding of implied meanings in Intercultural Communication, and her PhD investigates bias and social justice in academic literacy testing. Her other interests include Blended Learning in the classroom and staff development.

Here is an interview with Zaan if you want to get to know her better.

 Vít Pohanka is an established journalist with an exceptional network of contacts in Czech academia, politics, and business communities. He has worked for prestigious international organisations, including the BBC
World Service and UNESCO. He has extensive international communications experience, including postings as Czech Radio's correspondent in Brussels, Washington and Warsaw.  He is skilled in TV, radio, print and social media with an additional interest in documentary film-making. In addition, he has a background in English language teaching, including founding a successful commercial language school.

 If you are interested in attending this session, please email Caroline Novak-Jolly ( by 15 November.

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