Foreign Education Verification

Czech law requires verification of all education completed in a foreign country for the purposes of university admission. Your documents must be legalised, submitted in Czech, English or Slovak, and your education verified. The verification costs a fee of CZK 600 for each faculty you apply to.

This process applies only to University of Pardubice applicants. If you need to recognise your foreign education for another reason (so-called nostrification), you can find information at:

Information in other languages:

Česká verze


Documents you need to submit depend on what level of education you are applying for:

  • Bachelor's programme – your high school diploma

  • Master's programme – your Bachelor’s diploma including diploma supplement

  • PhD programme – your Master’s diploma including diploma supplement

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How to verify my education?

I got the previous education in...

The level of my education is..

Is language of your diploma Czech, Slovak or English?

Based on your selection:

Step A - Legalisation

Step B - Translation

Step C

  • Once you followed steps A and B, print out and fill in this form and send it together with the verified copies of superlegalized documents to the following address:

    Faculty you are applying to - study department
    Studentská 95
    532 10 Pardubice
    Czech Republic

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