Doctoral Studies

Doctoral candidates at the University of Pardubice (UPa) continue into professional careers as successful independent researchers. During their studies they can publish their work independently and gain valuable teaching experience.

Below you will find a basic overview of doctoral studies at UPa and links to the available study programmes. Additional information is available from the department website.

Funding and financing doctoral education

We give all doctoral students money for their basic monthly expenses. The exact amount varies, and is explained on each programmes' page (see links below).

Admission requirements

Doctoral programmes require two things: 1) a master's degree in a relevant field 2) a successful interview with your professor and/or department head.

Applying for a doctoral (PhD) position

For additional information or clarification, please review the doctoral education application information on the faculty webpages or contact the relevant department to discuss opportunities for doctoral education and the procedure for applying.

Residence permits

After you are accepted to a doctoral programme, we will send you an official acceptence letter. With this letter, you can apply for your student visa.

PhD programmes

Analytical ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry
Applied InformaticsApplied Informatics
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic MaterialsChemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials
Engineering of Energetic MaterialsEngineering of Energetic Materials
Informatics in Public AdministrationInformatics in Public Administration
Information, Communication and Control TechnologiesInformation, Communication and Control Technologies
Inorganic TechnologyInorganic Technology
Inorganic chemistryInorganic chemistry
Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry
Organic TechnologyOrganic Technology
Physical ChemistryPhysical Chemistry
Regional and Public EconomicsRegional and Public Economics
Religious StudiesReligious Studies
Surface EngineeringSurface Engineering
Transport Means and InfrastructureTransport Means and Infrastructure