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Published: 23.02.2024

The University of Pardubice's Executive Board is organizing a comprehensive emergency drill in collaboration with the Integrated Rescue System. This drill, which will involve both staff and students who have received prior training, aims to enhance emergency preparedness.

The primary goal is to provide staff with practical experience in emergency situations. This includes testing their knowledge and skills through tactical exercises, fostering better cooperation with the various components of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS).

The drill will engage all IRS units, including the Police of the Czech Republic, the Municipal Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, and the Emergency Medical Services. The teams will practice task coordination and cooperation, testing their readiness and ability to respond swiftly and effectively to urgent situations.

In preparation for this exercise, the University Executive Board has arranged training for the staff involved in the drill. This training will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to interact effectively with the IRS units during the drill. Students from the University of Pardubice will also participate, acting as “mock victims” to enhance the realism and effectiveness of the drill.

This event and its preparations stem from a meeting between the University Executive Board and the Police of the Czech Republic (PCR), with the goal of strengthening cooperation and enhancing the safety of staff and students on campus.

This initiative is part of the University of Pardubice's broader plan to improve security and emergency response. Efforts include the launch of a new informative website, "SOS: What to Do in Case of Emergency", and the initiation of special training sessions. For instance, the newly introduced "Dealing with Crisis Situations" course is now available online for all staff and students.