Centre of Ethicis‘ Unique Library

1. 10. 2020

Few people know that the library is unique within the Czech Republic. It was opened in 2017 and its holdings keep increasing. Library users, be they students or members of the public, have at their disposal nearly 5000 books both in Czech and foreign languages.

My impression is that researchers most often borrow books related to ancient philosophy and the 20th century philosophy; in fact, the holdings on these topics are the most numerous. It is the Plato’s writings that enjoy the greatest interest,“ says Attila Pató of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. What makes the library unique is the library’s focus on ethics as well as the availability of the latest books by renowned international researchers. “In fact, ethics encompasses the entire world. Everything involves an ethical dimension. Ethics may be related to Philosophy, Epistemology, History, but also classical popular authors,“ says Attila Pató. That is why the library is used not only be Philosophy students, but by many others as well.

Both students and researchers will find books on History, Political Science, Anthropology, Theology, Psychology and even Linguistics. In addition to books, users have at their disposal the high-ranking ethics journals, a research room, and a scanner. There are many computer desks for students of the University of Pardubice, who can use the library as a study room.

Ethics has a remarkably important role in today’s world and philosophical writings help us not to spoil the world. The key ethical issue is “Why should people not harm others?,“ says Attila Pató by way of conclusion. Other activities of the Centre for Ethics include hosting regular seminars, conferences or even publishing a podcast. The library is situated on the ground floor of the G building of the University’s campus.

TEXT: Anna Sedláková/PHOTO: Adrián Zeiner