Old Halls of Residence to Become Home to War Refugees

31. 3. 2022

Former halls of residence of the University of Pardubice will be used as flats for Ukrainians fleeing war. More than 200 people will find refuge in the building.

The management of the University of Pardubice has offered to the City of Pardubice the 12-storey building on Studentská Street, which was used as university halls of residence and later as an office building, as an accommodation option for war refugees coming to Pardubice. The university uses the building as replacement accommodation when other halls of residence are under reconstruction. “At the moment, the university uses the first three floors, which will be vacated in May. Otherwise, the building will be available for accommodation until the end of the calendar year, the least. More than 200 people can stay there,” says Petr Gabriel, Bursar of the University of Pardubice.  

There are five flats with own kitchen and bathroom, i.e. a toilet and a shower, on each floor of the building. “Each flat has its own toilet and bathroom, so I believe that the building is convenient for long-term accommodation, and will provide those in need with decent living,” says Libor Čapek, Rector of the University of Pardubice. On the ground floor, there is a reception desk, with a 24/7 security service, and other rooms, which will be turned into a playroom according to the plans of the university.

The University of Pardubice has arranged for vacating and cleaning the building, and has also provided some furniture such as tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes. Otherwise the flats were furnished by the City. The City arranged for the necessary number of inflatable beds and foldaway beds, as well as sleeping bags, through the State Material Reserves Administration. “It is immense help to us. I cannot imagine finding capacity of as many as 200 beds in such a short time. In April and May, we would like to move in our new citizens, who are now staying with families or in other temporary arrangements. They will be able to stay here; we plan to move some families with children to council flats in Husova Street, which we are preparing for them,” says Martin Charvát, Mayor of the City of Pardubice.