What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a partnership which lasts for a limited period of time and during which a Mentor and a Mentee are engaged in a dialogue with mutual reflection and respect. It is seen as a very effective, professionally as well as socially beneficial tool of support and development of skills and qualities.

To put it simply: why waste time searching for answers that your older colleagues can give you?


Who is our mentoring programme meant for and what benefits does it have?

 If you are a young scientist or a doctoral student, use the opportunity of being mentored by more experienced colleagues. As your mentors, they can help you with launching your scientific career, they can also support you with a piece of advice during your final stage of studies, with choosing a study or a work stay abroad etc. You each know the best what you need help with. There are many possibilities.


How to choose your mentor?

The mentor may be a person from a different department, faculty, or even from outside of our university.

The important thing is that it is someone you trust.

You can address your future mentor and agree on the mentoring straight away. Perhaps you have already thought of someone, or our list of mentors available on this website will help.

And if you still had trouble finding your mentor after that, we can help you look elsewhere.


How to join the mentoring programme?

Whether you have a mentor or not, you need to register yourself in the programme. Applications are here: Mentoring | University of Pardubice (upce.cz)

We will confirm your application acceptance.


How to actually begin?  An introductory workshop will help.

On 27 October from 9 a.m. an introductory workshop will take place. We certainly recommend that you participate. Here you will be able to clarify what exactly you need from mentoring, you will meet your mentor, and get answers to your possible questions.

The workshop will take place in the Rectorate building, in the meeting room on the 4th floor.


Before the workshop

Before you attend the workshop, we recommend you to read the Mentoring Programme document and the Mentoring Guide. These are available under the following link:



Since last year, you may have noticed a more frequent occurrence of HR – HR Award – HRS4R in our academic vocabulary.

HR – Human resources

HR Award – a prestigious award granted by the European Commission for HR excellence in research

HRS4R – Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

The University has joined many other European universities and subscribed to European standards for creating and ensuring internationally comparable and high-quality working conditions and the conditions for the development and recruitment of academic and research staff. Some of the standards have already been met and implemented, and there are plans to improve and maintain them in the future.


To do this, the University adopted the so-called HRS4R Action Plan so far for the period until 2025, which was preceded by a series of discussions, working meetings, and many in-depth analyses of our documents, processes and procedures, including an extensive questionnaire survey among employees. Being the first such survey in our entire existence, it sought staff views on the working environment and job satisfaction at the University. In autumn 2020, the university management finally approved the Action Plan after consultations with the deans of all faculties.

The Action Plan can be found on our dedicated page – Action Plan. You can also find a range of other information, documents and events in human resources and employee development there.

We received the HR Award this October –  University of Pardubice receives the HR Award | University of Pardubice (upce.cz)

Would you like to know even more? Do not hesitate to contact our HR manager, Adéla Myšková: adela.myskova@upce.cz

I look forward to seeing you

Adéla Myšková

HR Manager