Marek Vít: His Application Teaches English in Quarantine

4. 5. 2020

Over a million students are learning from home these days. Educator Marek Vít from the Department of English and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, University of Pardubice, has decided to help them and their teachers. He now offers his unconventional English Me learning application for free.

University teacher Marek Vít had already created his own English textbook and a free Help for English website, which helps to improve language skills not only for university students. Vít himself used to teach English in primary and secondary school. Therefore, he knows pupils and knows how to deal with them. According to him, instructions on how to learn English from the comfort of your home are simple and teachers have everything under control.

What does the application offer?

English Me offers a lot of study options and almost unlimited activities for all levels. Learning words in many different ways - translation, with photographs, dictation of words, adding words to sentences, etc. "Words contain pronunciation recordings, often also illustrative photographs and a number of example sentences. Tests and test questions focus on all areas of English grammar and a huge range of different lexical phenomena," describes Marek Vít. All tests contain an explanation of correct and incorrect answers in Czech. They are therefore ideal for students' self-study. There are also simple courses for beginners.

The application will also help teachers

Educators can create a user group in the application for their pupils or students. They assign tasks and check results here as well. They can also compile vocabulary areas for students to learn. "Any activity they try out with English Me themselves can be given to students as a task. Whether it's activities specially prepared by us or an almost unlimited number of exercises, tests and supplements that are automatically generated by the computer," explains the principle of the application Marek Vít.

It is important to "absorb" the language

And what if the parents do not speak English and cannot supervise their child? There is a solution for them too. "I don't want it to sound like I'm pushing them to sit the child in front of a TV or a computer and not worry, but in many cases, this is what will help children 'absorb' English," says Vít. There are many videos, children's programs or series on the Internet that will attract children's attention. "They spend time in an English-speaking environment and learn without realizing it. Both of my children now know English fluently, mainly thanks to watching programs in English, " says Marek Vít, adding that this path is of course not enough to master the language perfectly. But it can stir a person in the right direction. 


TEXT: Zuzana Paulusová/ FOTO: archive of Marek Vít