First Aid course for Internationals

10. 5. 2019

9 employees from all around the world will attend the second session of the “ FIRST AID COURSE FOR INTERNATIONAL”!

It can be very stressful to know exactly what to do when you encounter a medical emergency, even when you are in your home country, speaking your mother tongue and have some first aid knowledge. Now, imagine the same situation abroad, in a country with different habits, culture and language!

Aware of this challenge and dedicated to helping international students and employees feel more integrated and secure in Pardubice and the Czech Republic, the Dept. of International Affairs and Development and the Faculty of Health Studies have decided to organize First Aid courses.

The second session will be held in English on 17th May 2019, from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Faculty of Health Studies.

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For more information, please contact Caroline Novák-Jolly: caroline.novak-jolly@upce