Developing a method for quantitative assessment of the contribution of occupational risk factors to the etiology of chronic low back diseases and defining clinical and hygiene criteria for identification of these conditions as occupational diseases

The project will study load to the lumbar spine in occupational activities related to risk factors for the development of chronic lower back diseases (manual manipulation of heavy loads, lifting, turning, bending etc.) using the Tecnomatix JACK method. Based on the results, hygiene, clinical and radiological criteria for recognizing selected types of these conditions as occupational diseases will be defined.
While epidemiological studies show a significant contribution of work load to lower back diseases in certain types of occupational diseases at a group level, the developed method should allow assessment at a level of individual persons. This represents qualitative progress as compared with previous assessment methods.

Edvard Ehler
Faculty of Health Studies
May 2013 - Dec 2015
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Ministry of Health