Cookie Statement on the University of Pardubice Website


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Cookies are small data files stored on your device. The website can remember any text for the time specified in the cookies setting.


You can set your preferences on the cookies bar, which appears immediately after loading the website:

We use three types of cookies on our website:

  1. Functional cookies – these cookies enable our website to work; we can use them to prepare a proper display of the website or to make the use of the website easier for you. You cannot log out of these cookies, and we do not recommend disabling them in your browser.
  2. Analytical cookies – these cookies enable us to collect anonymized data on the use of the website that we can further develop. These cookies are loaded automatically after loading the website. You can unsubscribe from monitoring by clicking on Block in the cookies bar.
  3. Marketing cookies – these cookies enable us to send data on the use of the website to advertising platforms to target advertising on you or to create audiences using data on your behaviour. These cookies will only be introduced if you click on Agree in the cookies bar.

Find in the following table the cookies we use:



Who has access to information
(our or a third party)

Cookie type (DSID, IDE, RUL)

1–2 years (data are stored for a maximum of 50 months)

Google Inc.

Marketing cookies – only (_hssc, _hssrc, _hstc, _ga a další)

1 day–3 years

Hotjar Ltd.

Marketing cookies – only (c_user, datr, fr, sb, spin, xs)

up to 1 year

Facebook Inc.

Marketing cookies – only (APISID, HSD, 1PJAR, OTZ a další)

1 day–2 years

Google Inc.

Analytical cookies

Find more about the type of cookies stored by Google here.


1 month–2 years

Our cookies

Analytical cookies


1 year

Our cookies

Functional cookies


Only for the duration of the visit

Our cookies

Functional cookies (cmppersisttestcookie, ps, sid, szncsr, euconsent-v2)

up to 5 years a.s.

Functional cookies

Preferences can be changed at any time by deleting the website cookies (the procedure differs depending on the browser), after which the cookies bar pops up again making the reselection possible.

If you want to exercise your right and be provided all the stored data on yourself or request the deletion of all data, please contact us, preferably directly with the value of the relevant cookie(s). We will do our best within the technological limits to make you satisfied.