Changes to Academic Year Schedule

27. 3. 2020

The University of Pardubice decided to give students more time to finalize laboratory work, to sit regular and state examinations in the summer semester. The Rector, prof. Jiří Málek, upon an agreement with the deans of all the 7 faculties decided to extend this year´s examination period until mid-September. Contact lessons are cancelled from 11 March until further notice.

„Our priority is now to provide students and employees with the best possible conditions for their study and work. We want to give our students detailed information and every support. It is important to enable them to successfully complete this academic year and minimize the consequences of this extraordinary situation,” said the Rector of the University of Pardubice, prof. Jiří Málek. “We have been continuously monitoring the recent developments, cooperating with the Ministry and other universities, trying to find the best ways of coping with the complicated situation,” added Rector Málek.

The University intends to extend the lecturing period by up to 4 weeks so that students can finalize practical and laboratory work. This mostly depends on the faculty type and study programme since many courses will only be carried out in distance study forms. The first part of the examination period will be extended until 20 July; its second part will last from 16 August to 19 September. The check of studies will be postponed until 25 September 2020. The new academic year at the University should start two weeks later, i.e. on 5 October 2020.

Deadlines for submitting final papers will be adjusted by individual faculties according to their needs. Examinations will be performed in a distance form, if needed. “The final state examinations will be carried out upon an agreement with the faculties after termination of the extraordinary measures. If those are postponed, we will announce new terms 4 weeks prior to such exams are held,” said Rector Málek, adding that in link to the newly prepared legislation, the University will not assess any extra fees for extended studies.

A few days ago, the University informed students about new options of accommodation in the halls of residence. The students on long-term accommodation can cancel earlier with no sanctions; if they choose to stay, they will be offered a discounted accommodation.

Lectures and seminars at the University run in various distance forms, e.g. via e-learning, video-lectures, e-mail consultations, etc., depending on the conditions and focus of individual courses. The University Library is closed and so are its branches. However, the libraries offer a number of their services on-line, including a wide range of open sources (find more on All the electronic information resources are available via remote access ; detailed information is published on the Library website; the updated information about extra accessible resources, textbooks, e-books is in the news overview.

Entrance exams terms have not been changed. „Entrance exams can be taken even if the candidates have not passed the “maturita” examination due to the pandemic. They can submit the “maturita” certificate within the announced deadline before their registration for the study,“ notifies prof. Tatiana Molková, Vice-Rector for education and quality. Certain faculties already decided to extend the application deadlines in favour of their prospective students. Six out of seven faculties keep accepting applications for study. Find more on

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics extended the deadline for the undergraduate Bachelor study applications until end May.

The Faculty of Chemical Technology moved the deadline for bachelor studies applications by a month, until 30.4.2020. At the same time, the Faculty extended the deadline for application to the doctoral study programmes until 31.5.2020.

The Faculty of Economics and Administration postponed the deadline for sending a certified copy of the last but one high school year until 31.4.2020 offering the option to send the certificate electronically without verification to e-mail (best before 31. 3. 2020).

The Faculty of Philosophy intends to announce the second round of entrance exams in the summer.

Pardubice, 27 March 2020

Ondrej Srb
International Office