Invitation 2015

Invitation to the International Conference
Intercultural and Transcultural Dimensions in
Linguistic, Cultural and Historical Context
                                                                                                                                                                  Pardubice, March 2015
Dear colleagues,
On 9 - 10 October 2015, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, the University of Pardubice, organizes an international conference called
Intercultural and Transcultural Dimensions in
Linguistic, Cultural and Historical Context
 dealing with the following topics:
  •  current trends in foreign language teaching from the point of intercultural aspects,
  •  acquiring and extending intercultural competence and its impact on foreign language and mother tongue daily use within the process of communication, translation, literature and foreign language teaching,
  •  multiculturalism, intercultural training, the relation between intercultural competence and mobility,
  •  specific intercultural and transcultural attitudes within individual language environments,
  •  prevention of cultural misunderstandings, conflicts and various kinds of aggressions,
  • specific understanding of the concept “intercultural and transcultural dimensions“ in the languages used as means of communication in your country,
  • interculturality and transculturality in translation, literature and foreign language teaching.
Papers and the following discussions will be held in Czech or Slovak, possibly in German or English (other languages are not, unfortunately, permitted). Thirty minutes maximum will be reserved for individual papers. The speakers are asked to expect a potential five-minute discussion within their presentation time.
The conference is intended mainly for academic workers of the faculties of Philosophy, Education, Humanities, and all of those who deal with foreign languages in intercultural or transcultural context.
All those who will pay the conference fee will have an opportunity to publish their contribution in the conference proceedings which are planned to be released in 2016. The required length of a contribution is 8-12 pages. On the basis of subsequent reviews, editors reserve the right either to exclude individual contributions from the publication or to recommend the authors to revise them.
Please, send your application form and annotation in an electronic form by 30th August 2015 (from March 2015) through the link:
The conference participants are asked to send their contributions to the proceedings by e-mail by 31st October 2015 to the address: (copies to the address:
In “Subject” column write: Conference Pardubice 2015.