Mihaela Culea
Images of the Moral Order: (Im)Morality and Redemption in Daniel Defoe’s The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders
Michaela Fojtíková
George MacDonald’s Fairy Tale Characters: Variations of the Fairy Tale Conventions
Karolina Kolenda
Bridging Gulfs in Life and Literature: Henry Green and the Process of “Going Over”
Petr Chalupský
Of Stories and Men: Discursive Self-fashioning and the Confessional Narrative of Love and Self-hatred in Louis de Bernières’ A Partisan’s Daughter
Mária Kiššová
Subversive and Disturbing Concepts in What Becomes by A. L. Kennedy
Olga Roebuck
The Scenology of Landscape in The Quickening Maze by Adam Foulds
Michaela Weiß
Will Eisner’s Contract with Comics
Miloš Blahút
Subversion of Literary Conventions in John Irving’s Novels The World According To Garp and Last Night in Twisted River
Vladimíra Fonfárová
Becoming a Trickster and Gaining Vision as Parts of the Survival Process in Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing
Karla Kovalová
“A scared little girl, all alone with a scared woman:” Clover’s (Not)Telling Secrets
Šárka Bubíková
The Literary Image of Man in the Process of Becoming: Variations of the Bildungsroman Genre in English and American Literature
Daniel Sampey
Chicago, Greenwich Village and Provincetown: American theatre becomes little
Jan Suk
Seeing the Seeing the Seeing: Understanding the Spectatorship of Forced Entertainment
Hana Waisserová
Gendered Representations in Eastern Cultural Production: Construct of the Indigenous Woman Gauri in Lagaan and the Impacts of Nationalism and Cultural Globalization on South Asian Womanhood
Libuše Hornová
Description, Action, or Attitude? A Translator’s Remark on Two Novels by Romesh Gunesekera and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Studentské příspěvky:
Jana Brandová
Race Relations in Two Episodes of South Park and The Simpsons
Recenze knih:
The Rhyme and the Marble: Recent Multilingual and Multimedia Translations of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Review of William Shakespeare’s Sonnets for the First Time Globally Reprinted. A Quatercenteneary Anthology 1609-2009 edited by Manfred Pfister and Jürgen Gutsch) by Ladislav Vít
Writing Trauma (Review of Reflections of Trauma in Selected Works of Postwar American and British Literature by Stanislav Kolář, Zuzana Buráková and Katarína Šanderová) by Šárka Bubíková
A Jew, an American, and a Writer (Review of Jewishness as Humanism in Bernard Malamud’s Fiction by Michaela Náhliková) by Olga Roebuck
From Piers Plowman to A.L. Kennedy: A History of British Satire (Review of British Literary Satire in Historical Perspective by Ema Jelínková) by Bohuslav Mánek
The Book that Changed Children’s Literature (Review of Fenomén Harry Potter v Recepčných Súradniciach by Michal Vančo) by Michaela Fojtíková