Prediction and Optimization of Global Systems using Mathematical and Statistical Modelling

přednášející: Mgr. Jana Heckenbergerová, Ph.D.

  • 12.5.2016, seminární místnost katedry 13:30
Lecture could be divided into a few keystone application topics covering:
  1. advanced methods for dynamic thermal rating of overhead power transmission lines, aging models and optimal hydro-thermal coordination
  2. spatio-temporal analyses and environmental modelling, numerical prediction models, forecast uncertainty modeling, estimation of wind direction distribution
  3. detection and prediction of wind power ramp events
Smart power transmission using advanced dynamic thermal rating methods is the largest topic. Our research group developed a system that evaluates real-time current-carrying capacity of power transmission lines. Utilization of a high-resolution numerical weather prediction model provides a complete spatio-temporal view of the thermal state of the system. A number of contributions include analyses of thermal aging and identification of hotspots, the sensitivity analysis of current-temperature calculations, the problem of economic dispatch and optimal hydro-thermal coordination and quantification of gains and risks when seasonal static thermal rating or typical meteorological year rating is utilized.