Informace pro platbu kauce:

IBAN (International Banking Account Number):
CZ580100 0000 0000 3693 5561
BIC (Bank Identifier Code or the  SWIFT Code):
KOMBCZPPXXX (KOMBCZPP for the eight-digit variation)

Furthermore, fill in :
Bank charges settled by: the payer
(if you select a different option, the transfer charges will be deduced from your reservation fee).
Name and address of the payer: fill in the full name of the student for the purposes of payment identification.
Name of the beneficiary: Univerzita Pardubice
Address of the beneficiary: Studentska 95, 532 10 Pardubice, Ceska republika
Beneficiary’s bank: Komercni banka
Address of the beneficiary’s bank: Praha 1, Na prikope 33, cp. 969, PSC 114 07