Do you want to live on campus or in the centre of the old city? Amongst students or beside the castle? After you are admitted to the University of Pardubice, you should arrange accommodation as soon as possible. Find out how to get a student room and access the services offered by the University of Pardubice's Housing Office.

What to arrange

All details are available from Petra Macháňová. Contact her directly for more information.

How to apply

Email the Accommodation Centre,, with the type of room and length of stay you require.

Costs and payment

A room costs 4800-8000 CZK per month.

Detailed pricing information is available in the following two documents:

Monthly payments are made via any of the following:

  • at the residence hall reception desk
  • by bank transfer
  • paying at automated teller machines, located on-campus

Contracts, policies and procedures

Contact Petra Macháňová and make an agreement.

Accommodation rules

Sample accommodation contract

Find housing yourself

You are welcome to arrange your own accommodation. Many students rent apartments. The International Office can give detailed advice about finding an apartment.


University of Pardubice Accommodation centre
Studentska 201 (building KC)
Pardubice 53009

Hours: Monday - Friday 08:00 to 15:00

Phone +420 466 036 624

Apply for housing on time! Make sure to pay your housing fee and request accommodation on time.