Application procedure

Before you come to study to University of Pardubice you must prepare yourself for a certain administration process. To make it as easy and smooth as possible we will take you through the individual steps of our procedure.


Necessary documents

We kindly ask you to prepare and send us the following documents:


issued and confirmed by your institutional Erasmus coordinator. The letter with your nomination should contain the following data (name, gender, field of study in the home institution, email address of the nominated student).



Fill the online application form that is available at the following link under bookmark Exchange students. You do not have to print it out. To fill in the Application form can be a little bit tricky, so there are some tips:

  • Be sure, there is “ECTS – Incoming short-term student visits” in the grey field.
  • Do not forget to make a note of the Pseudo-birthcode  – you will need it to log-in to your account later
  • Fill in the first bookmark called “Personal data”. Fields with stars (*) are obligatory

             Note: Visa students - Fill in your Home University address as a delivery address

  • When you Save your Personal data, you will get to the bookmark called “Incoming study visit”

            Note: For Funding choose the Erasmus Programme. Please do not forget to fill in the Mobility coordinator at your university as well as his/her e-mail contact.

  • Upload your photo for a student ID card
  • When you Save the “Incoming study visit”, you will get to the bookmark called “Courses”
  • Choose the faculty you are going to study at and choose courses you want to study here (the same courses will be stated in your Learning Agreement)
  • Log out when you are finished.



Print out the Learning Agreement from the file Forms. (Students coming for traineeship will print out Learning Agreement for Traineeships) 

Only original forms of University of Pardubice will be accepted. Please fill the Learning Agreement and let it approve by your home departmental as well as institutional coordinator.

Lists of courses of different faculties you can find in the following file List of courses for Erasmus+ students.

You can also choose few subjects from another faculty (1-2), the specific number depends on the host faculty. Please check with the coordinator of your host faculty how many courses from other faculties they accept. The list of our faculty coordinators you can see below.


Faculty of Economics and Administration        

Ms. Jana Pekařová

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy       

Ms. Klára Kudláčková  

Faculty of Transport Engineering

Ms. Hana Coufalová

Faculty of Chemical Technology                 

Ms. Jana Marková  

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 

Ms. Olga Mitchell

Faculty of Health Studies          

Ms. Zora Nováková

Faculty of Restoration

Ms. Lenka Machačková



Please download the form from the file Forms of our website.



It means a certificate issued by the University language department of your home institution or any international certificate (we require at least B1 English Proficiency Level)


We prefer you to fill the documents on the computer (not by hand) in order to make it readable. All forms must be filled in English, otherwise we cannot accept them.


Application deadlines

Send the required documents listed here above by email to the following address: no later than


for winter semester 2017/18

10. 5. 2017 (students who need to apply for visa) and

30. 6. 2017 (other EU students)


for summer semester 2017/18

10. 10. 2017 (students who need to apply for visa) and

30. 11. 2017 (other EU students)

Our International Mobility Center will confirm your LA and send it back with a Letter of Acceptance, an Accommodation Voucher as well as all necessary documents in case you apply for visa (Confirmation of accommodation, Confirmation of study - both in Czech language).

For Confirmation of accommodation we need you to pay a deposit for accommodation at Halls of Residence first than we can issue this document.

Visa application procedure

According to the new law all international students coming from EU countries do not need visa. Other international students can get information about visa application procedure at the Czech embassies or consulates in their home countries or they can consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. To be able to get the visa confirmed after your arrival at Immigration department, you must be insured for the whole period of your stay. We recommend you to administrate the health insurance in your country before departure.

If you need VISA, ask at the Czech Embassy/Consulate in your home country about procedure; remember than you need the forms from us and Visa applications should be submitted to the Embassy at least 60 days before the planned date of departure. It is not possible to apply for the visa in the Czech Republic.


We do not define a unique format of insurance nor recommend specific insurance companie, this is left up to your sending organisation/institution. However, we strongly advise that you have medical and travel insurance for the duration of your time abroad, including travel to and from the Czech republic. If you go to any EU country, you should get a European Health Insurance Card.