The Summer School 2018 has started

Twenty three students from around the world have decided to spend a month at the Summer School organized by the University of Pardubice. They will get to know a bit about Europe, experience life in the Czech Republic and make new friends from across the world.

While our students are about to finish their summer semester getting ready for the summer break, twenty three students from across the globe are preparing to come to the University of Pardubice Summer School programme beginning 8th July. Students of Summer School will get a chance to have lectures and workshops at six faculties.

"We want to give the students a chance to experience various aspects of university life in the Czech Republic. This way they will be able to learn about Europe from different perspectives and in many different fields”, says Monika Vejchodova, Head International Affairs and Development of the University of Pardubice. For example, the first week of the programme starts with a kick-off day, two days of intercultural studies followed by two days focusing on the Czech culture and Czech understanding of Asian Cultures. In the following weeks, they will learn about our system of governance, about the future of chemical sciences, how Europeans treat their mind and body, they will get to know standards in automotive industry and learn how we care about our cultural heritage, among other issues.

Quiz night, concert and the local brewery tour are examples of what awaits the students in the evenings. This part of the programme will be a chance for the students to hang out together with Czech students who help to organize the Summer School. Saturdays are reserved for trips around the country. The students will visit the Karlštejn Castle, climb Sněžka, the highest peak in the Czech Republic, and explore the Czechoslovak pre-WW II border fortification. What happens on Sundays is in the hands of students themselves. They can stay in Pardubice and rest, work on assignments they receive during the Summer School or travel to the sights and cities nearby. The last day of the Summer School is the 7th August, and let´s hope it is not going to be a goodbye forever.

Find out more about Summer school programme and application procedure which will start in October for Summer School 2019 here



Ing. Ondřej Srb
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