Scheme for students participating in Videoconferencing modules
The above scheme is collaboration between Language Center of University of Pardubice and University of Uppsala, Campus Gotland, Visby, Sweden.
Aim of the scheme
The scheme builds on students’ knowledge of English and aims to raise their awareness of intercultural aspects of international business and develop their communication skills.
Preliminary dates
To be specified
Visby, Sweden, Pardubice, Czech Republic
Which students does the scheme target?
Students who were participating in Videoconferencing modules within the subjects EPAEF/EPAEG/IPAIF. Students interested should have a command of the English language at the CEFR B1 level and up and they are expected to be interested in cultural aspects of international communication and business.
How does this work?
The objective of this intensive course is to bring together students to share their knowledge and skills in joint seminars and workshops to utilize their various cultural backgrounds to help them develop a better management of their cross-cultural knowledge.  The informal part of the program lies in social interaction between course participants and may extend well into students’ free time.
Costs are funded by UPa grants (travel, accommodation, food, entrance fees).
Personal expenses are not included.
How to apply?

To be specified