11th International Cultural Studies Conference
Location and Relocation in literature and cultural studies

The Department of English and American Studies in co-operation with The British Centre, Pardubice

Pardubice, 16 - 17 October 2012


Michal Peprník: J. F. Cooper’s Young Gentlemen in the process of dislocation and relocation

Tibor Fabiny: Dislocating and Relocating the Word of God  in the Prefaces of English Bible Translations from Tyndale to the King James Bible


Alice Sukdolová: Daniel Deronda Located and Relocated in Space and Time

Karla Kovalová: (Re)Constructing Identities in Marie-Elena John’s Unburnable

Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová: Politics of Location on the U.S. Mexican Border: Anzaldúa’s nepantla Voices Chicana Literature

Zdeněk Janík: Study of Cultural Values and Identities

Alice Tihelková: Portrayal of the North-South Divide in the British Media

Michaela Weiß: Tipping the history: Gender (re)construction in Tipping the Velvet

Stanislav Kolář: Relocated from an Elevator to a Cattle Car: Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in Thane Rosenbaum’s Elijah Visible

Irena Přibylová: My Boarding School Home

Bogumila Suwara  & Zuzana Husárová: Literature Coded for Marked Quick Response

Christopher Koy: Relocating Tongue, Money and Text: Charles W. Chesnutt’s Unpublished Conjure Story “The Dumb Witness”

Ivan Lacko: Racey Scott Wilson’s Buzzer and the Myth of Post-racial America

Hana Waisserová: Epidermal Schemes in Contemporary South Asian Transnational Fiction:  Skin’s Cultural Osmosis

Martina Kastnerová: New Historicism and Cultural Studies: Discussion about fiction and history

Ivona Mišterová: Bluffing, Deception, and Self-Deception as Key Elements in Marber’s Play Dealer’s Choice

Lukáš Merz: Location in Peter Ackroyd’s Novels

Svitlana Motorna: Features of English language localization in the translation of literary texts

Richard Stock: Relocating the Making of Meaning: A Naïve Reading of Ulysses

Jan Suk: Locating and Relocating Life (/) Art: Forced Entertainment & the Necessity to Articulate Anything?

Daniel Sampey: O’Neill in Provincetown, Provincetown in O’Neill


Student section

Monika Tekielová: Relocation as both liberation from and return to “the old ways” in Rebecca Goldstein’s Mazel

Michaela Staňová: Memory and Transferred Loss in Jonathan Safran Foer´s Everything Is Illuminated

Kristýna Pípalová: “Father, you're driving me mad”: Transmission of trauma from father to son in Art Spiegelman's Maus

Martina Novotná: Sounds To Be Heard, Words To Be (Sp)Read: Voice(s) of Female Body

Mykhailo Iushutin: Specificity of competent Russian localization by the example of  J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings