Peaceful Multiculturalism or Culture Wars? (2007)

Šárka Bubíková: Unity, Plurality and Culture: Some Thoughts on Multiculturalism

Šárka Bubíková: Growing up Multicultural? Childhood and Multiculturalism in US

Petr Chalupský: The City of the Possible – London in Hanif Kureischi’s Earlier Works
Izabela Curyllo-Klag: “Holding the Mirror up to Politics”: Wyndham Lewis’s Tarr and the Shadow of World War I

Murray Forman: Hip-Hop: Themes and Concepts of a Living Culture

Stanislav Kolář: To Smash All Ghettos that Divide Us: The Short and Intermediate Fiction of Tillie Olsen

Petr Kopecký: Monoculture versus Multiculture: Gary Snyder’s Perspective

Božena Kucala: “The Curtain has fallen all along the frontier”: civilisation vs. barbarity in J.M.Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians

Olga Roebuck: Inhabiting Different Worlds: Contemporary Scottish Short History

Dana Sedlmajerová: American Ethnic Relations as Reflected in Literature

Karla Šimčíková: The Culture of Disrespect: On Internal Colonization of African Americans

Roman Trušník: From Mainstream to the Closet and Back Again: American Gay Publishing from 1945 to the Present

Ladislav Vít: Ken Kalfus’s Literary Revision of September Events

Student Contributions – Celtic Motifs in Arthurian Legends (Zuzana Deáková), Ethnicity in the World of Toys (Jan Vacík)