Continuity and Change in Culture and Literature (2006)

Petr Chalupský: Atonement – Continuity and Change in Ian McEwan\’s Work

Richard Stock: The Puzzle Novel: Pynchon, Joyce, Deleuze, Blanchot and Others

Roman Trušník: From Books to Blogs: Coming Out Narratives In the Age of the Internet

Lucie Podroužková: Tom Stoppard’s Czech Connection

Dana Sedlmajerová: Ways of Presenting Joy and Sorrow in Contemporary Native American Literature

Šárka Bubíková: Native American Continuity and Change in Louise Erdrich’s Work

Irena Přibylová: The Western Hero in Music and Popular Literature

Stanislav Kolář: Time Shifts in Alejandro Morales’ Rag Doll Plague

Hana Moraová: Continuity and Change in Victorian Society and their Impact on the Novel

Olga Roebuck: Female Voices in Contemporary Scottish Writing: Janice Galloway

Irena Fridrichová: The Birth of Canadian Drama

Natalia Orlova: EFL Journal Projects in Teacher-Training

Anna Kinovičová: Teaching for the Real World: Group Lead Facilitation in Teaching British Cultural Studies

Světlana Obenausová: Using the LMS for Teaching British History

Romana Dvořáková: A Victorian Cult of Childhood Innocence in Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist

Claudia Saiz Varona: The Picture of Hispanics in the US Mainstream Media

Radka Mykisková: The Concept of Courtly Love in the Knight’s Tale