New Interpretations of Cultural Phenomena (2004)

Šárka Bubíková: American Literary Types: Unusable Past?

Milada Franková: William Shakespeare the National Bard (?)

Irena Fridrichová: Two Canadians at the Crossroads: Canadian Postmodern Prairie Fiction

Michael M. Kaylor: ‘Little Porcelain Cup in Which Biting Acids Could Be Mixed’: Wilde’s Sons as the Audience for the ‘Young King’

Hana Moraová: Imagology and Interpretation of Literature

Olga Zderadičková: Minority Literatures: Looking for Escape Routes?

Hana Hrušková: The History of Elementary Education in England: The Monitorial System

Lucie Pivoňková: Macbeth: The Perfect Play for James I.