The style sheet for paper publication
deadline: 31 July, 2015
send it as a doc and pdf file, named by your surname to
Paper title
e-mail address
Abstract: no more than 200 words
Keywords: 5 – 7 keywords
Headings of sections (can be numbered) – separated by blank line
Body of your paper: 4,000 – 5,000 words.
Use Times New Roman 12 pt, left aligned, single spaced for the whole file (except block quotation). Since the volume will be typeset professionally, do not format the headlines, bulleted or numbered lists, etc. You can use this document as a template and switch off automatic corrections in MS-word.
For paragraphing, use blank lines and no indents. For in-text quotations, use “double quotation marks”. ‘Single quotes’ should be used for quotations within quotations.
Block quotation – over three lines: use Times New Roman 10 point, left aligned, single spaced, without quote marks, one blank line before and after. Append the referencing for the quotation to the end of the quotation. In general, very short quotations using only a few words should be given with quote marks in your running text, only longer quotations using a line or more should be formatted as block quotations. (Grand, 2006, p.145)
Do not use any bold or underlined type. The only format to be used is italics either for emphasizing some term or for marking illustrative examples in linguistic papers. All the example sentences (or paragraphs) should be numbered through the whole text, numerals in brackets, separated from the rest by blank lines.
(1) Be sure that the automatic numbering format is switched off.
Please avoid the use of any images unless it is absolutely essential to your paper. If you need to add any bar or pie charts, be sure they are appropriate for black and white print and insert them as pictures. For numerical data, use a simple table.
Tables must be placed in their correct, appropriate locations in your running text
Explanatory text
If your table requires explanatory text that is inappropriate for placing in your running text, place it at the bottom of the table, formatted to the same width as the table.
Table 1: A sample table
In your reference list, use APA citation style, available e.g. This style prescribes alphabetical order by first author. Include only works which are cited. The following list provides examples of referencing for the main kinds of publications.
Carter, R., & McCarthy, M. (1997). Exploring spoken English. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press.
Aijmer, K., & Stenström, A. (2005). Approaches to spoken interaction. Journal of Pragmatics, 37, 1743-1751.
McCarthy, M., & Carter, R. (2002). Ten criteria for a spoken grammar. In E. Hinkel & S. Fotos (Eds.), New Perspectives on Grammar Teaching in Second Language Classrooms (pp. 51-75). Mahwah, N.J.: L. Erlbaum.
Soon, C., & Kluver, R. (2014). Uniting Political Bloggers in Diversity: Collective Identity and Web Activism. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(3), 500–515. [viewed 14 January 2015]