Antonella Cagnolati
“Not too Little to go to Hell”: Literary Representations of Childhood in Seventeenth Century England        

Petr Chalupský
You Only Have to Wish High Enough – Gifts in Hanif Kureishi’s Gabriel’s Gift                                                          
Robert Kusek
Arguing for that Unheard. In Search of Friday in J.M. Coetzee’s Foe

Ewa Rychter
The Fall(ing) Made Gentler: Nostalgia and Christianity in Julian Barnes's England, England   

Daniel Sampey
The Playing of O’Neill’s Misbegotten

Petra Smažilová
G. M. Hopkins´ “The Windhover” as an Ambiguous Symbol

Vít Vaníček
Expanding the Kingdom of Death: Paradigms of Perception and Space in Works of Thomas Pynchon        

Klára Matuchová
A Remark on Social Semiotic Value of Personal Names in Selected Fiction Samples   

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Magdaléna Klečková
The Magic of the Word                   

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