Paul Titchmarsh
“Tell everything as it is – no better and no worse:” Images of the West in Washington Irving and Mark Twain             

Karla Kovalová
“We the human Family“: Revisions of American National History in Contemporary Slave Narratives                           

Christopher E. Koy
The Reformulation of Ethnological Sources and Orientalist Discourse in Bellow’s Henderson the Rain King              

Stanislav Kolář         
Dara Horn – A New Voice in Contemporary Jewish American Fiction            

Pavel Sedláček
Divergence of Canadian and American Cities                                      

Irena Přibylová
Shape Notes, Gospels and Spirituals: Rediscovering Spirituality in the 21st Century  

Milada Franková
Sarah Waters’s Monument to Women of World War II                                  

Bożena Kucała
In search of Ellis Bell: Emma Tennant’s Heathcliff’s Tale        

Kamila Vránková
The Theme of Otherness and the Role of Dialogue in Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea                 

Petra Smažilová
Group Dynamics and the Dramatic Surge of British Feminism in Cloud Nine      

Roman Trušník
A Drag Queen in Your Living Room: Michael Cunningham’s Revision of Assimilative Gay Fiction                   

Petr Chalupský
London Re-experienced – Peter Ackroyd’s Historiographic Revisioning of the City         

Ladislav Vít
W.H. Auden: The Poet and the Sea: The Sea and the Mirror        

Natalia Orlova, Katya Nemtchinova
NES and NNES Teachers: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Teaching Styles                                                            

Studentské příspěvky:

Ivan Burda
From Books to the Silver Screen: Transformations of Michael Cunningham’s Fiction             
Lukáš Krincvaj
Star Trek and the American Society of the 20th Century                    
Lucie Dlouhá
The Dreams of Pecola Breedlove and Richard Wright            
Barbora Moravová
African-American Slave Childhood                                        
Recenze knih:
The Literary Child and National Identity: review of Zofia Kolbuszewska: The Purloined Child                

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