RCN manager - ke stažení


RCN manager is a software for remote configuration wireless communication
devices of rail vehicles. Softweare makes possible full control of sending
data by communication devices. It is a full hosting application written in PHP
language over Zend framework. The application exploits JavaScript library ExtJs
and Oracle database. This application is distributed under the GNU GPL license.

The homepage for RCN manager project is http://rcnmanager.upce.cz/.


  + You need PHP 5.2.0 or newer, with session support and
        the Standard PHP Library (SPL) extension.
  + You need the PHP OCI8_PDO extension
* Oracle Database 9g or newer;
* Web browser with cookies enabled.


1. Choose an appropriate distribution kit from the rcnmanager.upce.cz
2. Unzip the distribution (be sure to unzip the subdirectories) in your
   webserver's document root. If you don't have direct access to your
   document root, put the files in a directory on your local machine,
   and transfer the directory to your web server using, for example, ftp.
3. Now you must configure your installation by the configure.php file.
   + configure db connection in ./application/config.ini
   + insert new google maps key for your site
     (generate it on http://code.google.com/intl/cs/apis/maps/)
   + configure base path in ./html/scripts/sysconfig.js  
4. Create a set of special tables. Please look at your root directory,
   where you should find a file called create_tables.sql and run this script
   in your DB.


  1. Create account for user in table users.
  2. Start the web browser and go to URL address where your
     instance of RCN manager is installed.
  3. Login to application


Delete application from filesystems and drop all tables form database.