Prof. Ing. Miloslav Milichovský, PhD, DSc.


Research interests and activity:

The topic of his research work is concentrated on fundamental and applied problems of cellulose chemistry, papermaking chemistry and science, i.e. wet-end chemistry, coating chemistry, white water recirculation, paper converting etc. Milichovský has written or contributed to more as 130 scientifically and technical papers (cited more as 140). He has presented a number of papers at numerous conferences, local section meetings, seminars and other industry meetings. A lot of his research works from pulp and paper technology was realized (author or co-author about 100 technical and technological works). He also holds a lot of patents (34), especially for pulp and paper technology. A topic of his research and scientific works was mainly published in these journals:

However, his main scientific orientation has been focused on problems of water behaviour and interactions with hydrophilic interfaces in macro- and micro-reticular systems as represented by biomaterials predominantly on cellulosic base.
He worked up the SCHL theory and conception of hydration bonds as basic tool of supra- and hyper-molecular chemistry.