Information by the Chief Public Health Officer of the Czech Republic and information about the intervention of the Integrated Rescue System in the student Halls of Residence

On Wednesday 10 September, emergency service was called to a student residing at the Halls of Residence. In regard to the fact that the person recently came from an African country, the rescue system staff evaluated the situation as a potential risk to human health and carried out an extraordinary intervention at the Halls. The university student was examined, and any suspicion of an optional Ebola-virus disease was on the spot excluded by the public health officer. Consequently, the information was confirmed by the medical staff of the Pardubice Regional Hospital. After the intervention, the student was transferred for further treatment and medical care.
We will follow up the student´s health condition and wish him an early recovery. 
The public health officer confirmed that it is not necessary to be afraid of any further consequences of the event and the health conditions of the student. He also excluded any possibilities of further infection dissemination which would affect the accommodation conditions at the student Halls of Residence.
In relation to the measures taken in the Czech Republic due to the risk of the Ebola virus epidemics that affects certain below indicated West Africa countries, we provide the information of the Chief Public Health Officer dated 8 September 2014 concerning the persons, i.e. students or employees, who stayed, travelled or returned from the risk areas in Africa.
The measures concern the following countries:  Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Information by the Chief Public Health Officer of the Czech Republic for foreign students, Czech students and for other persons and employees travelling from the Ebola virus risk areas can be found here.  
According to the first verification in the student register, no students from the high-risk areas study at the University of Pardubice.
11 September 2014