General registration procedures

Student Enrolment
(1) Criteria for acceptance into the study programmes and admission procedure principles are specified in § 48 to § 50 and Section 6 of the Statute. Rules for entrance examinations are specified in Article 7 of the Statute.
(2) For study programmes implemented at the faculties, the regulations for the admission procedure and the conditions for acceptance to study are set forth in the directives issued for each academic year; and, for study programmes implemented at the university, in the directives of the university as issued for each academic year. The content of the directives is set forth in Article 6, Subsection 3 of the Statutes.
(3)   Review of the decision for acceptance into the various study programmes complies with § 50 Section 7 of the Act.
Registration for Studies
(1) An applicant’s right to register for studies arises from the notification of acceptance for study. An applicant participates in the registration personally or s/he authorizes his/her representative by an affidavit. Upon registration for studies, an applicant becomes a student of the University.
(2) Applicants who have enrolled become members of the University Academic Community at the relevant faculty, with all rights and duties stipulated in § 62 and § 63 of the Act, until the date of completion or interruption of their studies.
(3) As a rule, first-year students take a vow of matriculation.